Suicide Quotes

Suicide is simply the most earnest structure analysis.

— Anonymous


Suicide doesn’t mean there was no executioner.

Suicide Quotes
Suicide Quotes

Suicide Quotes


Nine men in ten are would-be suicides.

— Benjamin Franklin


There is nevertheless one genuine philosophical issue and that is suicide.

— Albert Camus


Suicide is the accentuation mark toward the finish of numerous masterful vocations.

— Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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Love is the best and slowest type of suicide…

— Anonymous


Regarding life, what to think about it. That is not so much an inquiry.

— Jean-Luc Godard


It is continually reassuring to consider suicide: in that way one gets past numerous an awful night.

— Friedrich Nietzsche Suicide Quotes


Compose something, regardless of whether it’s only a suicide note. Suicide Quotes

— Gore Vidal


From the get-go, on the off chance that I was separated from everyone else a few evenings straight, I’d begin composing sonnets about suicide.

— Jack Nicholson Suicide Quotes


We can’t detach a solitary page of our life, however we can toss the entire book in the fire. Suicide Quotes

— George Sand


Individuals once in a while carry blossoms to a suicide.

— Jennifer Niven


We was unable to envision the void of an animal who put a razor to her wrists and opened her veins, the vacancy and the quiet.

— Jeffrey Eugenides


Demise is simple. To live is the most agonizing thing I could envision and I’m frail and never again ready to battle. Suicide Quotes

— Hannah Wright


The dividers of her room are shouting so anyone can hear the entirety of the privileged insights that she’s clutched for every one of these years, each tear that made herextremely upset and cut her wrist, and each memory that tears separated her spirit. What’s more, right up ’til the present time, she despite everything cannot relax.

— Anonymous


Suicide appeared to me the best sort of opportunity, a discharge from everything, from a real existence that had been demolished quite a while back.

— Natascha Kampusch


Suicide is simply the job you compose. You occupy it and you institute it. All painstakingly arranged—where they will discover you and how they will discover you. Be that as it may, one execution in particular.

— Philip Roth


Demise is life’s method for disclosing to you you’re terminated. Suicide is your method for telling life you quit.

— Anonymous


To flee from inconvenience is a type of weakness and, while the facts confirm that the suicide conquers demise, he does it not for some respectable article however to get away from some evil.

— Aristotle


She previously felt dead in everything except for name. What stayed to be taken from her—She yearned to be encased, invited, into the earth—to inhale no more, love not any more, hurt no more.

— Alan Brennert


Suicide is a perpetual answer for a brief issue.

— Phil Donahue


Maybe the saddest incongruity of gloom is that suicide happens when the patient shows signs of improvement and can again work adequately.

— Dick Cavett


All things considered, since the inclination to murder myself isn’t solid to the point that I really slaughter myself, the world merits living in.

— Tao Lin


Gay youngsters are multiple times as liable to endeavor suicide as straight ones. I wish they realized that there’s nothing amiss with them; that they are only an alternate shade of typical.

— Jodi Picoult


Suicide isn’t a smudge on anybody’s name; it is a disaster.

— Kay Redfield Jamison


The main distinction among suicide and affliction is press inclusion.

— Chuck Palahniuk


Ladies are continually attempting to end it all for affection, yet for the most part they take care not to succeed.

— W. Somerset Maugham


At the point when one understands that his life is useless he either ends it all or voyages.

— Edward Dahlberg


Suicide just truly terrifies the individuals who are never enticed by it and never will be, for its obscurity just invites the individuals who are foreordained to it.

— Georges Bernanos


Murdering yourself is a significant responsibility, it takes a sort of mental fortitude. The vast majority simply lead lives of weak distress. It’s kinda half suicide where you simply dull yourself with substances.

— Robert Crumb


In the event that my Valentine you won’t be,

I’ll drape myself on your Christmas tree.

— Ernest Hemingway


Nobody ever comes up short on a valid justification for suicide.

— Cesare Pavese


Suicide. A sideways word, a word that individuals murmur and mumble and hack: a word that must be crushed out behind measured palms or mumbled away from plain view. It was uniquely in dreams that I heard the word yelled, shouted.

— Lauren Oliver


Inebriation is impermanent suicide.

— Bertrand Russell


It would have been so futile to slaughter himself that, regardless of whether he had needed to, the pointlessness would have made him incapable.

— Franz Kafka


Cutting, and suicide, two altogether different indications of a similar issue, are picking up on us. I for one don’t have a clue about a solitary individual who doesn’t know in any event two of these exploited people by and by.

— Pink


The idea that I may murder myself framed in my brain coolly as a tree or a blossom.

— Sylvia Plath


Expectation is a need for typical life and the significant weapon against the suicide drive.

— Karl A. Menninger


The language of adoration letters is equivalent to suicide notes.

— Courtney Love


When you are hitched, there is nothing left for you, not by any means suicide.

— Robert Louis Stevenson


What’s the large screwing bargain—Lots of stunning individuals have ended it all, and they turned out good.

— Emilie Autumn


Each terrible foundation of this world finishes by suicide.

— Victor Hugo


They disclose to us that Suicide is the best bit of Cowardice… That Suicide isn’t right; when it is very evident that there is nothing right now which each man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and individual.

— Arthur Schopenhauer


There is something extraordinary and horrible about suicide.

— Honore de Balzac


In addition to the fact that suicide is a transgression, it is the wrongdoing. It is a definitive and total wickedness, the refusal to check out presence; the refusal to make the vow of reliability to life. The man who executes a man, slaughters a man. The man who executes himself, slaughters all men. Most definitely he clears out the world.

— G. K. Chesterton


The extraordinary thing about suicide is that it’s not a unique little something you need to do now or you lose your opportunity. That is to say, you can generally do it later.

— Harvey Fierstein


Life’s most prominent blessing is the opportunity it lets you to step well enough alone at whatever point you pick.

— André Breton


Human advancements kick the bucket from suicide, not by murder.

— Arnold J. Toynbee


Murdering myself involved such aloofness to me that I wanted to hang tight for a minute when it would have some effect.

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Never endeavor to kill a man who is ending it all.

— Woodrow Wilson


I went down to the waterway,

I set down on the bank.

I attempted to think yet proved unable,

So I bounced in and sank.

— Langston Hughes


At the point when individuals slaughter themselves, they believe they’re finishing the agony, yet everything they’re doing is giving it to those they abandon.

— Jeannette Walls


That is the thing about suicide. Attempt as you would to recall how an individual carried on with his life, you generally wind up pondering how he finished it.

— Anderson Cooper


The pieces of me that used to think I was extraordinary or more astute or whatever, nearly made me pass on.

— David Foster Wallace


Nobody at any point ended it all while perusing a decent book, however many have attempted while attempting to keep in touch with one.

— Robert Byrne


It does not merit the trouble of murdering yourself, since you generally execute yourself past the point of no return.

— Emil Cioran


The suicide comes to the end result that what he is looking for doesn’t exist; the searcher presumes that what he has not yet glanced in the ideal spot.

— Paul Watzlawick


So natural to go cruising off this street. A marvel more people didn’t. Such space, pausing.

— S. M. Hulse


As a rule, suicide is a single occasion but it has regularly extensive repercussions for some others. It is fairly similar to tossing a stone into a lake; the waves spread and spread.

— Alison Wertheimer


At the point when you’re youthful and solid you can anticipate Monday to end it all, and by Wednesday you’re chuckling once more.

— Marilyn Monroe


On the off chance that you don’t do it my way, I propose you end it all.

— Josef Albers


He simply needed to perceive what a young lady who was insane enough to murder herself resembled.

— Sylvia Plath


In the event that suicide is permitted, at that point everything is permitted. In the event that anything isn’t permitted, at that point suicide isn’t permitted. This illuminates the idea of morals, for suicide is, in a manner of speaking, the rudimentary sin. What’s more, when one explores it resembles researching mercury fume so as to grasp the idea of fumes.

— Ludwig Wittgenstein


No man slaughters himself except if there is some kind of problem with his life.

— A. Alvarez


Nothing in my life has ever constructed me need to end it all more than individuals’ response to my attempting to end it all.

— Emilie Autumn


Suicide doesn’t take care of your issues. It just makes them limitlessly, un-countably more regrettable.

— Sinead O’Connor


Suicide leaves everybody feeling remorseful.

— Robert Harris


Individuals don’t bite the dust from suicide, they bite the dust from trouble.Suicide Quotes

— Anonymous


Better believe it, since you’ll truly be indicating them, won’t you. Discussion about slitting up your wrists to demonstrate hatred for your destiny. Suicide Quotes

— Alexander Gordon Smith


suicide doesn’t end the odds of life deteriorating, suicide dispenses with its chance regularly improving.

— Kat Calhoun Suicide Quotes


Dread of statures is dread of a craving to hop.

— Amruta Patil


No one has ever executed themselves over a wrecked arm. In any case, each day, a huge number of individuals kill themselves in view of a messed up heart. Why—Because passionate torment harms a lot of more terrible than physical torment. Suicide Quotes

— Oliver Markus


For my entire life I have had the most extreme deference for suicides. I have constantly thought of them as better than me all around.

— Thomas Bernhard


You don’t have the foggiest idea what cold iss

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